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The Pankow District

The name Pankow first appeared around 1230, when a priest received a piece of land here. The name can be tracked back to the small river Panke. In 1311 the place is mentioned in a margravial document. The land book of Emperor Karl IV from 1375 already contains detailed information about habitation and ownership structure. Today, two stages of development can be distinguished. The church that Pankow built 1230 out of fieldstones, is proof of the development of the village from middle ages to the 19th century. The same applies to the Schönhausen Castle, which was expanded by the prussian royal family in the 17th century. To this day the castle still characterizes the village with its extensive castle park. In addition, the influx of Hugenots to Bucholz brought a relative upswing. The boom of the founding years in the 19th century transformed the village Pankow into a town. People who could afford it, mostly manufracturers and other built villa-like summer residences because of the scenic advantages of the area. Over time, however, numerous allotment gardens were created for workers and their families.

In 1910, Pankow already had 45.000 inhabitants. At the end of the 19th century the industrial development gradually set in. In the year 1874, the Schultheiss brewery built a malting plant in the Mühlenstraße (is this perhaps the Floramühle?) and the Garbaty-Rosenthal cigarette manufactory moved to the suburb around 1906. This became the largest industrial enterprise in Pankow.

In 1898, the city of Berlin acquired the Buch estate and built Sanatoriums and hospitals there. Around 1854, the first horse-drawn omnibusses entered the city of Berlin. The first electric streetcar ran in Wollankstrasse around 1895. The final connection of Pankow and Berlin took place in the year 1920 and gave Pankow a virgorous building activity with a large number of social housings, which together with the loosened, sometimes villa-like building structures of the individual districts, gives the town Pankow its own character.

After World War II, in the period from 1949 to 1960, Schönhausen Palace became the offical residence of the president of the GDR. Many embassies opened their residences in Pankow during this time. In the 1960s, larger prefabricated housing estates were built in Heinersdorf and especially in Buch. Today, Pankow unites the former villages Pankow, Niederschönhausen, Rosenthal, Buchholz, Blankenfelde and Buch. The Pankow as you see it now bears witness with its colorful structures by the historical buildings that have been build over the past centuries.


Alongside the architectual historical lines mentioned above, todays core of Pankow is home to numerous retail and gastronomic offerings. Wheter literature, stationery or cafés, old-established beer pubs, restaurants or simply grocery stores.


“Zweite Liebe” – Florastraße 59
Lovingly decorated stationery shop with individual and local pieces. The store has everything your stationery-heart desires. www.zweiteliebe.net 

“Buchsegler” Children’s bookstore – Florastraße 88-89
A lovely bookstore for children, also with books far from mainstream. www.buchkatalog.de 

“Buch Disko” – Florastraße 37
The bookstore for literature and also theater. The name says it all. If you are looking for special books, you are in the right place. You also support small retailers in this store. In addition, the bookseller is always happy to talk about literature and theater and has good tips for upcoming events. www.buchdisko.de 


“Sálve-Café” – Florastraße 37
If you need a refreshing rest after your browsing, you can indulge yourself in the neighboring Sálve Café. Door to door with the bookstore “Buch Disko”. The café invites you to enjoy a changing menu in a cozy atmosphere. Those who want to watch the hustle and bustle on Florastraße in summer can make themselves comfortable on the steps of the café. More information on Tripadvisor.

“Café Paula” – Florastraße 14
Popular café among the generations. Due to its street sales there is always a small group of sweet thoots in the afternoon. The café also sells vegan cakes.

“Kraft Kiez Kaffe” – Breite Straße 35a
 The new KRAFT Kiez Kaffe also invites you to linger with homemade chai latte (vegan) and cakes or baguettes in its beautiful wooden setting. In summer, there is enough space on the veranda to let the view wander over the adjoining meadow or to watch the dogs and children brought along romping. Special are the planted wild flowers and herbs, which give off a pleasant scent depending on the season.

“Alphi’s Eis” – Heynstraße 33
 If you like homemade ice cream and whimsical but incredibly delicious flavors, Alphi's Eis is the place to go. He sold his first scoop of ice cream 17 years ago as a student job, and he's stayed true to ice cream ever since.

“Eisspatz” – Berliner Straße 5
 Just as delicious, equally colorful and homemade. - pankowerleben.de

Culture & Tourism Marketing in Berlin Pankow

To be informed about upcoming events in Pankow, it is best to visit this site: https://www.pankow-weissensee-prenzlauerberg.berlin/de 
In addition to current events in Pankow, dates about upcoming art gigs, exhibitions and excursions are posted.

Cinema “Blauer Stern” - Hermann-Hesse-Straße 11
For cineastes and everyone who loves movies and art-house cinemas, will also love the cinema Blauer Stern. Cozy and equipped with a rich snackbar. Cinema Blauer Stern 

For big and small

Childern’s farm – Am Bürgerpark 15
 If you are coming with children, you can find oases for joint experiences in Pankow, beside to the spectacular big city hustle.

Outdoor pool - Wolfshagenerstrasse 91-93
 Summer pool in Pankow. Sommerbad Pankow


Parks Schlosspark - Tscheikowskistraße 1
A perfect place to go for historical tracing, wading or boating little (maybe selfmade) boats in the Panke River but also enough place to picknick, playing soccer or on one of the playgrounds. Schloss Schönhausen 

Bürgerpark - Willhelm-Kuhr-Str. 9
This park invites you to cozy evenings, listening to live bands under colorful fairy lights in the local garden pub. A goat enclosure and a playground for kids offers activities and fun. http://www.buergerpark-pankow.de/ 

Gartenlokal Kaffeehaus Rosenstein

Schönholzer Heide – Germanenstraße
Plenty of space to stroll, romp and discover. Thanks to the hilly nature, the Heide is a great place to play hide and seek and to go on adventures. Schönholzer Heide


Alte Mälzerei – Alt Schönholzer Straße 26-29
Old malt house

Ballhaus Pankow – Grabbeallee 53

Schloss Schönhausen – Tscheikowskisstraße 1

Museum Pankow – Heynstraße 8 / Prenzlauerallee 227
If you want to know more about the history of the city, the Museum Pankow is the place to go. Exihibitions change regulary.

For evenings

"Bierstube Prager Frühling" – Florastraße 62
This place offers beer. Kids can get the wolrd-famous red soda (Fassbrause). The bar keepers are super nice and in summer a lot of people gatheron the sidewalk. Of any origin and of any age.
- “The concept of bar owner Luděk Pachl is simple. It’s manly about good beer for a decent price in a proper pub. There are four types of beer, three permanent ones from the Czech brewery Svijany and one that Pachl brings in turn from various family breweries in the Czech Republic.”

"Bar Nordwärts" – Florastraße 10 https://www.diebar-nordwaerts.de/ 



"Firenze Ristorante" – Florastraße 27 www.firenze-ristorante.de 

"Pizzeria Da Lionello" – Breite Straße 8
World's best pizza, world's nicest staff. Children like to get an ice cream or other sweet as a gift. Da Lionello 


"La Paz" – Florastraße 14 www.lapaz-pankow.de 


"P-Fresh" – Breite Straße 7
Even though the name sounds a bit cold, the ambiance exudes full coziness and the food is fantastic. https://www.p-fresh.net/ 

"Nam Ý" – Wollankstraße 105
Sushi-Vegan-Cuisine: „You get a mix of top-notch traditional Vietnamese cuisine paired with modern-interpreted sushi creations, as well as exciting fusion cuisine.” https://nam-y-restaurant.de/ 


Everyday life also wants to be contested. Florakiez offers a variety of options:


Café DIAMI – Florastraße 31 Café DIAMI 

Jhons Bäckerei & Konditorei Kirsten Jhon – Wollankstraße 110

Goods for everyday needs

Bioquell – Florastraße 25
A small food cooperative where you can shop even without membership. Bioquell 

Biocompany – Breite Straße 33/34. Biocompany 

Denns Biomarkt – Wollankstraße 101. Denns Biomarkt 

Rewe – Wollankstraße 16

Rathauscenter – Breite Straße 20 Pharmacy, drugstore, bakery, … Kaufland (supermarket) https://rathauscenter-pankow.de/ 


Dear Guests,

You are spending some vacation days in Berlin and we are happy that you have chosen our Floramühle as your domicile. Enjoy the city, the Pankow district and your apartment. In order for everyone involved to have a good memory of the stay, we ask you to follow a few rules.

  • The apartment will be handed over in a clean condition. Please return the apartment in a well-swept, clean condition, take out the garbage, put the used dishes in the dishwasher and turn it on. If you have returnable bottles you don't want to take with you, we have a container placed in the entrance area of the Floramühle. There you can leave the bottles - we take care of the disposal. 

When you move into the apartment you will receive per person:

          • 1 pillowcase
          • 1 blanket cover
          • 1 bed sheet
          • 1 towel
          • 1 bath towel

          • For hygienic reasons, please use the covers in any case. Before your departure we ask you to remove all covers from the bed and put them in the hallway of your apartment. The same goes for all used towels (hand/bath/dishes). Since we are a small company, we depend on your help to ensure a smooth process for the following tenants. If you do not manage or forget to leave the apartment well-swept, and do not put away the used clothes and varnishes as described, we reserve the right to charge each Item with 10€, deduct it from your deposit, and let it benefit our cleaning staff. 
          • The fact that individual utensils such as plates, cups and glasses sometimes get broken, is normal and apartment everyday life. Therefore it will not affect your deposit. However, please let us know about it, so that we can restock for the next tenants. In case of major damages that have occured, please be fair and do not conceal them from us. Thanks to your transparency, repairs or replacements can be ordered in time.
          • So please check the functionality of the furnishings, especially technical equipment, when moving in. 
          • We take the liberty to check the apartment after you move out. 
          • The Floramühle is surrounded by other renting parties whose tenants do not have vacations and have to be ready for the next working day. So please respect the general quiet hours from 11pm - 8am. We also ask you to be quiet when returning home late at night. The tenants of Mühlenstraße 69 would appreciate your  for your mindfullness. 
          • Games, books and DVDs can be borrowed at our reception. If you would like to keep an unfinished book, you are welcomed to take it home for a small donation.
          • Smoking is prohibited in all of our apartments, without exception. If necessary, please smoke in our courtyard or on the balcony. Dispose the cigarette buds in the trash cans. In case of non-observance of our smoking ban in the apartments the consequences are very unpleasant for us. Due to our warranty we will retain the deposit in this case. 

          We thank you for your understanding and wish you a great time in Berlin!