Terms of Use

Advance Payment

An advance payment of 20 percent of the final leasing price is to be paid for bookings earlier than two weeks before arrival. The whole leasing price is to be paid in advance for short-term bookings.


In case of timely cancellation of the leasing unit through the leaser the advance payment will be reimbursed or respectively be offset against the cancellation fees.

Cancellation fees:

  • Cancellations up to 28 days prior to beginning of lease: free of charge
  • From the 27th day prior to begin of leasing: 20% of the total leasing price
  • From the 15th day: 40 % of the total leasing price
  • From the 10th day: 60 % of the total leasing price
  • From the 5th day: 80 % of the total leasing price
  • From the 3rd day: 100 % of the total leasing price


The leasing price is to be paid in advance via bank transfer. Cash payment and payment via EC-Maestro-Card (debit) can be arranged for the key hand-over upon the day of arrival.

Special prices


For the Floramühle apartments we impose the following deposits:

  • Apartment 1 - “Alt Pankow“ 100,00 €
  • Apartment 2 - “Marrakesch“ 100,00 €
  • Apartment 3 - “Berlinale“ 200,00 €
  • Floramühle complete 300,00 €

The deposit will be withheld in cases of severe damage and/or dirtiness of the leasing unit.

Damage / insurance

In the event of damage caused by the guest, the replacement value must always be replaced.

Insofar as damage has been caused by a guest for which he claims his liability insurance, the difference between the current value, which generally replaces the liability insurance, and the replacement value of the damaged object shall be borne by the guest. Insofar as craft services are required to eliminate the damage, these are to be balanced in full without deduction "new for old". Pets ...are not allowed for reasons of hygiene and allergy protection.

Minimum Stay

The minimum duration of booking is two nights. Departure The reservation applies until 11 o’clock of the last booking date. In case of later departure we calculate one overnight stay additionally.

Property Rights

The general manager Mrs. Carolin Orlik exercises unlimited property rights.  

Status of March 1st, 2022